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Did you know Cranbury Animal Hospital has an app? It’s true!


Download PetPro Connect!

The PetProConnect™ app enables you to connect like never before with our clinic through your smartphone. Your pet’s past, present, and future is right here. With the PetPro Connect™ app, you can:

  • Connect with your vet. Conveniently connect with us using PetPro Connect™ messenger to ask questions or share pictures with your vet. Or, schedule a “face-to-face” consultation with your vet on your smartphone using the video tool that allows your vet to evaluate your pet visually from a remote location. 
  • Instant access to your pet’s medical history. Need to share your pet’s latest vaccination records? Share your pet’s complete medical records including vaccinations right from your phone! 
  • Appointment reminders and scheduling. Need to know about upcoming checkups? Receive automatic reminders of upcoming vaccinations and check-ups and easily schedule an appointment without calling. 
  • Connect with quicker rebate redemption. Eliminate the paperwork. Submit rebates right from your smartphone with PetPro Connect™. Easily submit rebates on the app for select pet care products and then receive notifications the moment your rebate has been validated.